German Rocket Fuel Submarine

A photo without attacking German u-boot type 212 diesel built. Singapore has an agreement with the German u boat Builder ThyssenKrupp Marine systems for two new 218SGs attack u-boot type unknown. On November 29 for two diesel-electric boats (SSKs), includes training and logistics package for the two new submarines for a package, which could be estimated as high as $1. 36 billion, according to a report of by Reuters news service. Ships have also Singapore systems, hence the name of the SG. The SSks is a system of air-independent propulsion (AIP) and will deliver sometime in the year 2020. AIP systems enable SSKs, under water more than electric boats of the traditional diesel powered diesel fuel. Traditional SSKs are to allow for the exchange of air in the ship that diesel engines of air for the combustion process necessary required. AIP using chemicals on board, to the oxygen necessary to burn fuel and allow the boats to stay under time and minimize the danger of discovery to imitate. But on the broad guidelines of the contract offer, the 218 type is little is known about the details. The Germans have developed more time, 209 s types and new types of 212 and 214 for the export and its in the 1960s built unclear whether the new boats are derivatives of the two types. 214s move approx. 1 sunken 690 tons with a length of about 213 feet. Buy breaks with previous purchase of Singapore Sweden SSK. Six german rocket fuel submarine ships of the Swedish Navy ex to attack Singapore fields. Underwater have baffled in recent years Singapore and other countries in the region actively forces. Related to that. .